1. The Raven

From the recording The Raven

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The Raven

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This is the second song from the upcoming album The Raven It is written as a love letter to my surroundings on the wild coast of North Cornwall and the godlike ravens and their brethren.
It is an almost pagan celebration of the protection the tree gives and the wild freedom of the bird to fly wherever it wants.
The singer sees the raven, her lover, flying down the glowing sun path across the sea to the west and can’t follow, trapped like a dryad in the willow tree.
I write all my songs in the silence of a hill in my van high above the sea looking west out to the horizon.

released June 30, 2023
Written by: Caroline Lavelle & Jacob de Graaf
Producer: John Reynolds
Bass: Clare Kenny
Strings, Programming, Cellos, Vocals: Caroline Lavelle
Programming: Jacob de Graaf
Strings, Programming, Cymbalom, Synths: Chris Pemberton


Here between us
earth and heaven
there are gods here who rule the air
wheeling lazy by the margins a breath is lifted:
the birds are there.
So the raven carries night across the day
dusk to dusk
light to light it casts a shadow
across the brilliant sky tonight

That willow tree is me
it sways and it bends
and that raven that flew
into its arms is you
and you my heart.

Now the cold gleam of winter's night
is captured by the sea.
The path of silver leading full west
to where my love flies so far from me.
Taken long from these arms of night
to live in daylight a world away
And the willow it sways in the west wind
that tells of ravens across the sea.

That willow tree is me
it sways and it bends
and that raven that flew
into its arms is you
And you, my heart.