I am a British cellist, composer, and singer / songwriter with three solo CDs, Spirit (produced by William Orbit), Brilliant Midnight, and A Distant Bell.

My new solo album The Raven produced by John Reynolds will be released in July.

I have made many collaborations over my career including with Vangelis and Massive Attack, and am a longtime member of Loreena McKennitt's band.

I have recently released a new  Secret Sky album Opium, with my bandmate Brian Hughes.

Photo: Clare Kenny

From the upcoming album: The raven

The wonderful video for The Raven is made by the cut paper artist Andrew Benincasa

From the upcoming album: Fool & the Genius

Fool and the Genius video by Lennart Miketta & Stephan Hauptmann, supported by storyLab kiU

A remarkable voice-an unusual blend of Enya, Sandy Denny and Sinead O'Connor but with a distinctive tone all of its own. This is an exhilarating, intense and highly pleasurable listening experience, courtesy of a thrilling singer-songwriter and instrumentalist” - Andrew Davies

New Single: Could you run away

New Secret Sky Album - Out Now

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