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Freedom Just Is

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Sat high upon the hill

As the words stream past

A paper avalanche

Cascades into the sea

At the foot of the cliff

To ride on the heads of wild horses

As they come to far-off lands.

On the hill the green gleams

A desert sham

That was home to billions

Now grave to man

My birds, my birds my trees

My heart is in your seeking

And your freedom

That just is

Freedom just is

Freedom just is.

No need to own it all

Open up a hand

And let the bird fly up-

Taming, fencing, owning, possessing-

It’s a rich man’s work

How to tame a heart?

First nail it through

Like a wounded bird

Til the light falls

We slough of all

The things as if

They never mattered at all

Which they never did

But it takes so long to learn to walk

Lightly on

That freedom just is

Soon the borrowed atoms will collide-

Reforming as bird

To rise on air

And flee from man

They ride on those glistening winds

As their song explodes

Their phrases rising high and over the hill

Cascading by the solo figure

Sat still hands trailing in the river of words

That plunge into the sea

To ride on the foam

On the heads of the wild, wild horses

As they come back home

So far from this

In the far-off lands

Where freedom just is.