I am a British cellist, composer, and singer / songwriter with three solo CDs, Spirit (produced by William Orbit), Brilliant Midnight, and A Distant Bell.

My new solo album The Raven produced by John Reynolds will be released in July.

I have made many collaborations over my career including with Vangelis and Massive Attack, and am a longtime member of Loreena McKennitt's band.

I have recently released a new  Secret Sky album Opium, with my bandmate Brian Hughes.

Photo: Clare Kenny

'Lavelle blends folk, electronica and dream pop with effortless elegance to magical effect. She is sometimes compared to early Sarah McLachlan, Lisa Gerrard or Eva Cassidy. However, even the obvious Kate Bush-meets-Enya comparison doesn’t quite capture Caroline Lavelle's unique flavour, whose brand of folk-tinged cinematic soundscape has an aching beauty all its own.' René Lauritsen

New Secret Sky Album - Out Now

To hear more tracks from Secret Sky's new Album Opium - available in all formats

News and Blog

For past blogs, more pictures and heaps of music visit me and the lovely community at my Patreon page: www.patreon.com/carolinelavelle 

Freedom as an artist 

It's been an age since I last recorded a solo album, but I've still been writing in the interim and since 2020 I've been on Patreon where my dear patrons allow me a lot of leeway to write and record anything I want which has been wonderful and given me a huge feeling of freedom as an artist. 

Having the freedom to put out music on a very regular basis - most weeks - takes away that crippling feeling of music having to be perfect. Of course in the real world, or at least in mine, perfect never happens and so…

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