A Distant Bell CD


1. Gently Johnny – 3:05
2. So Uncool – 4:24
3. Innocence Sleeping – 3:12
4. Banks Of The Nile – 6:10
5. Simple Lyric – 3:46
6. No More Words – 2.27
7. Too Late – 3:40
8. The Trees They Do Grow High – 3:14
9. Greenwood Laddie – 7:58
10. Timeless – 3:14
11. Handful Of Ashes – 4:45
12. Farewell To Music – 3:08
13. Gently Johnny (Extended Version) – 3:52

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Caroline’s 3rd studio album draws on her songwriting and arranging strengths, with a selection of original songs, traditional material and poetry set to music. With lush chamber orchestra arrangements, the songs recall the pastoral music of Nick Drake and Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

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What the press said:

“As a singer she recalls folk greats Kate and Anna McGarrigle, or Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard; an acquired taste, but a taste worth acquiring. It is Lavelle’s classic songwriting, affecting vocals and lush cello arrangements that put the stamp on an impressive album” – Daily Telegraph

“Surely one of the most distinctive and thrilling vocalists to appear in the last decade, her’s is that rare voice that once heard, cannot be forgotten.” – Musical Discoveries

“Pulls a mass of emotions and ideas from her song writing and sings with elegant intensity ★★★★ – Q

“A powerful statement about her attributes as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist” – Music Week

“Where the smoky meets the substantial, the fluid meets the solid, intertwining and combining to create an exquisite third entity with fuzzy boundaries yet distinct character. Blending the harmonies of jazz, the orchestral concepts of classical music and an unusually fresh folk leaning, “A Distant Bell” might be labeled as ‘chamber folk jazz’ and yet, words can only give mere parameters to the vital, pusling, elusive spirit which undulates in her songs with such untamed innocence that pinning it down would be as possible as packaging the wind. Lean back against these gorgeous songs and dip your beak in the cool, sweet, nectar of limitless magic” – Tamara Turner, CD Baby

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