Letter 6

Well, the album has finally gone to the factory and there’s nothing more I’m allowed to do; that’s a tricky thing, to let go. I’m sure you know the feeling. I’ve had a lovely few days in the sun with a friend of mine who you’ll possibly know and love, Nicola Hitchcock, whom I met some time ago through Hector Zazou. We lounged about in the sun with the dogs and went for a sponsored walk for the Retired Greyhound Trust where it was great to see so many well cared-for greyhounds in one place. We then went on to a lovely unspoilt fishing town on the devon coast and had scones and clotted cream – aaah! The tide was out and around the quayside there were lobster pots and huge gulls with no fear of humans, their faces looking like they had been individually painted by an artist. It was a bit of a strain for my newest dog, Flyte, as she has an enormous fear of humans and everything else too, but I’m working on the principle that if I keep taking her everywhere I and the other dogs go then she’ll slowly gain confidence. I hope so. The other two are over-friendly if anything!

Earlier in the week there was a disaster when Isabella the duck was taken and killed by the fox. I was so angry with myself because I knew that the foxes have cubs at the moment – I had seen one last weekend just the size of a small cat, so I knew that the vixen would be hard-pressed to get lots of food for the growing cubs. She obviously braved the possible presence of dogs; the other day all three had chased her and nearly caught her in the field, and she only escaped by a whisker cos they are so fast, but even so, she came into the garden and because it was so hot the dogs were asleep, possibly dreaming happy dreams of chasing foxes, while she made off with Isabella who was out with Francis without me keeping a close enough eye. I can only hope that it was quick. So poor Francis was bereft and called for her for hours and started again the next day, so I’ve gone and got him a new wife, so he, at least, is happy enough I think. I will be much more careful now…

– Caroline Lavelle

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