Letter 2

It’s been so long since I wrote a diary page but I have made a resolution that I will do one at least once a month so here goes! I am now living even further in the depths of the countryside and enjoying the tranquillity and the companionship of the wildlife and the earth. It’s exciting for me, because I have managed to grow all the vegetables I need at the moment – and also seem to be feeding 20 million slugs and several thousand rabbits into the bargain…

Yesterday, I went over to a friend’s place and went driving with his two HUGE shire horses. They are like nothing else I’ve come across and although I’m very used to horses, the size is startling. When they flew up the hill at a canter with us in a tiny cart behind like a feathers’ weight to them it felt like we were going at 70mph! It was astonishing to find how well-trained these enormous creatures are and how they respond to the smallest touch or tone of your voice when you’re behind them in the cart – when you’re leading them along it’s slightly different and I felt like I was going to be lifted off my feet and slung over a hedge at any moment. Also, with feet the size of a greedy person’s dinner-plate you’re very aware that yours might be squashed flat if you’re not careful – however, nothing bad happened and it was the best fun I’ve had in ages.

I’ve been writing songs for the next album in amongst everything else and I hope it will be ready for release in September 2003. I’ve been collaborating with my favourite poet, so work it out for yourselves… The Lost Voices record is still ongoing, but it appears that it may be more of a lifetime’s work than I thought and it will be a long time before it’s finished, but I hope it will be worth the wait.

– CL.

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