Letter 18

Hi there,

I write this on a beautiful cold day that started with a frost. I can see across the valley from my bedroom window as the frost picks out the hollows and you can see the bits that are colder than the rest. I had a great time on tour again and I’m missing all the guys who have become like my brothers – very irreverent like brothers too! Now I’m back I’m working all the time on the new album with Justin and Israel from Sleepthief for our new band – which STILL doesn’t have a definite name, but may be called The Spy Ring. The music is a real departure from anything I’ve done in the past and it is so passionate and funny and beautiful and serious and camp and so many things that are good! I’m very excited about the project and it has been great working with Justin and Israel – technology is a fine thing as we have all only met up once, and yet we are old friends and can make music over the internet. Brilliant!

I am off for a few days to Wales with the dogs to Pembrokeshire which has a wonderful coastline and a lot of wildlife – I’ve bought a new pair of hiking boots and a warm coat so I’m raring to go. The same can’t be said for Kitty, one of the greyhounds, who doesn’t much like walking – odd in a dog – while the other ones love it and are full of beans, so I can often be seen with one arm dragged forward and one dragged back. Not elegant.

I’ve been looking for a new carbon-fibre cello case for my old cello which is very precious to me as it was bought by my Mother who when I was ten years old had a terrible car crash that nearly killed her. She got a few hundred pounds in compensation and spent every last penny on my cello, which is the same one I still play today. It was made in 1745 in Paris – 11 years before Mozart was born -and I like to think that it could have possibly have been heard by Mozart when he was on his travels. Which would make it a very unusual instrument in that it’s played classical music in Paris in the 18th Century, punk in London in the 20th and folk and goodness knows what in the 21st!

This is a short letter as I’ve got to dash out but I’ll write another one soon.

– Caroline Lavelle

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