Letter 16

Here we are again, after mists and mellow fruitfulness we have the midwinter festival. I love thinking of days way back in prehistory when I’m sure people were much the same underneath but their surroundings so very different, long before Christmas was thought of. Fire must have been such a powerful thing for them; living here in Devon and seeing the ruins of old prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor I can only hope it wasn’t as cold for them then as it is today. I have read that it wasn’t, and I can’t imagine that people would choose the top of Dartmoor knowing there were fertile hills and valleys around, unless there was a bit more cheer than now. I love that uncompromised beauty, the desolate solitude – it’s one of my favourite landscapes with its enigmatic stones and huge skies.

Here, we are preparing for Christmas with making bread and mince pies, stocks and brandy butter; the scents in the kitchen are so powerful in one’s memory because they are so infrequently encountered. With all seasons rolled into one throughout the year in most of the shops, it is lovely to have one special memory kept intact and brought back to life each year with the smell of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. This afternoon I’m going into the wood to bring back fallen pine cones and branches to decorate the house; I only ever get round to it a bit late! Lovely when I finally do though.

I have had some problems with emails reaching me so if I haven’t replied to you then I apologise and ask you to try again.

I hope you all have a really lovely Christmas and that your New Year brings you joy, serenity, love and success in whatever is your passion,

Love Caroline

ps Should really be working on the album as Justin and Israel are champing at the bit for yet more songs!

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