Letter 15

Hi there – I’m sorry it’s been so long – again! Trying to avoid the opening ‘Well’!

The new cd is going to be very exciting as Justin Elswick aka Sleepthief and his partner in music Israel Curtis, have kindly agreed to produce the new music. It is a little along the lines of Spirit but with more energy. I am sending my songs over and they are putting their considerable stamp on them and sending them back – Justin is also going to write a couple of backing tracks which I’m going to write over the top so it’s all exciting stuff. I think these new songs are among the best I’ve written so I am very excited and I’d like people to hear some tasters to see what they think so if you would like to hear a little bit then get in touch, and I’ll send you some mp3s.

In September I was out in Granada, Spain with Loreena and the guys doing a series of concerts for tv and dvd. As usual, it was a lovely time with the concerts made even more magical by the setting in the Alhambra. It is such a privilege to be able to work in some of the places we do. Also as usual, I learned a lot from Hugh and Donald and the rest of them; their musicianship and artistry is immense and I enjoy playing with them so much. Every night is different and special when you are playing with musicians that good; I often feel like a little sister tagging along and being indulged by the big boys (musically speaking you understand!!) and just listening and asking a few questions can tell me such a lot. I would need several lifetimes to be able to really get to the bottom of their knowledge.

I hope you’re all well and happy!

Til the next time,

– Caroline Lavelle

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