Letter 5

Well, I’ve just finished the new album although I’m still debating the running order. It’s a difficult decision that only seems to become easier with lots of time between finishing and having to make up your mind! I don’t have the time, as usual, so there’s a lot of fevered… Continue reading

Letter 4

Well, I’ve just got back from another short stint with the Chieftains which was short but intense. We were doing some concerts in Italy and a couple of benefit concerts in Dublin and Belfast with some great guest musicians including Carlos Nunez, Van Morrison and the gorgeous Ronnie Drew. There… Continue reading

Letter 1

After signing with Warner Classics in the Spring of 2000, the sessions that eventually produced the Brilliant Midnight album took place in my home studio and a local chapel in the summer and autumn of that year. A stream of visiting friends, aides, musicians and well wishers. brass bands, djs,… Continue reading