When I Was In My Prime


Words & Music: Traditional, arranged by Brian Hughes, Caroline Lavelle, Hugh Marsh

When I was in my prime I flourished like a vine
There came along a false young man, come stole this heart of mine.

The gardener standing by, three flowers he offered me.
The pink, the violet and red rose, but I refused all three.

The pink’s no flower at all, for it fades away too soon.
The violet has too pale a hue, I think I’ll wait ‘til June.

In June the red rose bloomed, that’s not the flower for me.
I think I will pull the red rose up and plant a willow tree.

That willow tree will weep, the willow tree will wind.
I wish I was in the young man’s arms that stole this heart of mine.

If I’m here for one year more, and I am given grace.
I’ll weep a bowl of crystal tears and wash his deceitful face.


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