Lost Lisa Marie


Words & Music: Andrew Bate

My name is lost Lisa Marie
I’ve spent five years under the sea
For I loved a man not what he seemed to be
For he shot me and buried me deep.

He brought me down to this southern shore
To lay awake and wait for the dawn
The clouds turned black, brought on a gathering storm
He kissed me and through my flesh he tore.

On this night every year
He brings another woman down here
And all of them seemingly disappear
He does this and the sea fills up with our tears.

But tonight, tonight things will change
There’s nowhere to run and no-one to blame
Our icy hands will reach up and grab his face
And drag him to a watery grave.

There are seven others just like me
With all our hands he’ll never get free
And as he comes down here
I’ll ask him: Do you remember me?
My name is lost Lisa Marie.

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