Rainy World


Words: Caroline Lavelle, Music: Caroline Lavelle / Justin R. Elswick, Israel Curtis

This rainy, rainy world
Its pleasures are unfurled across my face
A gauze of tears I would have cause to shed
But in pride before your eyes
I keep my own still dry

In spite of history
There’s enduring mystery
Of how humans fight the facts
The memory of their acts
So many new false dawns
Bright days turned to storms
So much hope and trust we looked to future dreams
Seen in two such different ways
Each hoping that the days would
Bring a lasting plan
Some gold beneath the sham
And frailties would come along
As something strong
And you would really love me
Instead of what you do

Some characters are stone
And those should live alone
Immutable it seems I am
Though all my dreams pull me towards this way
Ancestors have their say
And drag me back again
The struggle to be free
Unending it seems
Most happiness I’ve seen
Is on my own

But I’m drawn to lighted windows
Helpless to discern
How I might become renewed
And leave the fatal few
Cause sometimes I have done it
Those glowing days I won
If not for very long, they were there.
And those I think are wise
Say look behind your eyes
The flower that you seek
Is all in how you speak
The quiet in your heart
Will mirror the same part
And someone else, in time
In time
You’ll find

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