Words & Music: Caroline Lavelle

I am a Russian doll Layers beneath the skin I have no interest to see how I keep all that stuff in Cause now I’ve found you faithless same as me It waits just like an animal patient like an animal eyes in the trees looking for me all of Dali’s children wait and see And all the times I did this same thing All the times I Karma karma karma… Then I had no reflection now I live in a glass along with all those sweet eyes I made so red in the past Now they’re smiling while they’re dragging me down. It leans on me til I can’t breathe among the free I suffocate and all the times I did this same thing all the times I Karma karma karma

This is about what you would expect it to be about….
I wanted the huh huh repeated backing vocals to be a recurring theme in this song; to be unstoppable and just going round and round . I had fun with the operatic backing vocals in what you might call the chorus. The screaming sound is the cello.

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