All I Have


Words & Music: Caroline Lavelle / Eleanor McEvoy

There was a time I gave too much away And many times I craved a touch too deeply Now I stand on my own alone There was a time, but that has gone for me cause all I have is me and all I need you can see So if you choose to lose yourself to me Keep in mind to save your mystery and my soul stays mine stays mine and you can grow entwined yet still be free Cause all I have is me And all i need you can see

All I Have was co-written with a talented lady called Eleanor McEvoy. We wrote it in about two hours and went straight on and wrote another one the same day!
I wanted to layer up vocals in the choruses, and when my friend Bella (a great engineer) heard it, she asked, ‘Who’s doing the high backing vocals?’ I said that they were all me, and she replied, ‘Oh, you do your own stunt singing, then!’


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