A Distant Bell


1. Gently Johnny – 3:05
2. So Uncool – 4:24
3. Innocence Sleeping – 3:12
4. Banks Of The Nile – 6:10
5. Simple Lyric – 3:46
6. No More Words – 2.27
7. Too Late – 3:40
8. The Trees They Do Grow High – 3:14
9. Greenwood Laddie – 7:58
10. Timeless – 3:14
11. Handful Of Ashes – 4:45
12. Farewell To Music – 3:08
13. Gently Johnny (Extended Version) – 3:52

I started recording A Distant Bell after meeting up with an old friend and very talented composer and arranger Harvey Brough. He plays some unlikely instruments such as the psaltery that features on Banks of the Nile and also has a beautiful, pure voice with an otherworldly quality to it that appears on Gently Johnny. He came down to where I was living in Devon at the time and we crafted the delicate and pastoral songs in a way that came to be known as Chamber Folk.

We went up to Scotland to record the strings on it as another old friend of mine, a wonderful violinist called Jacquie Norrie was playing with a great group of strings up there and they were wonderful, playing great and being very enthusiastic about the music. It was a lovely time.

One of the tracks on there also had some guest musicians from the Chieftains with whom I’d done some touring, Triona Marshall on harp and the legendary Paddy Moloney on whistle. If you listen closely you can hear the birds joining in from outside the window in Devon. – CL

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