Letter 5

Well, I’ve just finished the new album although I’m still debating the running order. It’s a difficult decision that only seems to become easier with lots of time between finishing and having to make up your mind! I don’t have the time, as usual, so there’s a lot of fevered discussion and knitted brows. However, it is lovely to have finished just as spring is unfurling and the garden is seducing you to go and spend lots of backbreaking effort on it. But, it is good to have other things to think about for a while and so lovely to see the ducks running about the vegetable beds – although not so lovely to see three greyhounds running across the vegetable beds! I now have the three greyhounds; I went round to some friends for a barbecue a couple of days ago, and they are both doctors, and on seeing that I now had three they said that they would sign the papers and commit me to a mental institution! Hmmm… sometimes I think they may be right, three is a lot to cope with when they are all excited, which happens quite a lot! But, it is so lovely to take them to the long wild beaches of north Cornwall and see them fly effortlessly across the sand becoming small in the distance and reappearing again with laughing faces. Greyhounds are addictive, as has often been said before, and I couldn’t stop at just one, apart from which there are so many thousands discarded from the racing industry every year needing homes. I’ve taught them that the ducks are part of the family and they are very sweet with them – trying to look at them without looking. The ducks realise now that they are not a danger, although as they are Indian Runner ducks they still scuttle off pretty fast with a torrent of soft quacking if a dog gets too close! Flyte, my new acquisition is dreaming at the moment and eating in her dream. Very sweet.

I’ve got to do lots of cello practise over the next week cos a friend of mine who worked on Brilliant Midnight, Charlie May, wants a good chunk of cello on his new ‘Spooky’ record. He’s coming down with his partner and as well as work I hope to get them out to a local pub near Tintagel (supposed birthplace of King Arthur for those of you interested) where they have great lively music sessions. I come home exhausted with having played so many notes in quick succession; but the drinks are free for musicians – a good night out!

– Caroline Lavelle

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